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Like a phoenix from the flames – Jerry ‘media guru’ Nelson

If you wondered why I haven’t been around recently, I’ve been spending some quality time cloistered with my medical defence team, because it transpires that today’s NHS managers can’t cope with employees who demonstrate any spark of individuality or original thought. Well, sod them, bunch of unimaginative ingrates.

I was finding all the right-on hand-washing, patient choice, evidence-based medicine, namby-pamby bloody nonsense too restricting anyway, so I frankly welcome the opportunity to strike out in a new direction – THE MEDIA. If that big-collared plonker Harry Hill can do it, so can I.

To that end, I’m pleased to announce that the Editor has given me a roving brief to comment on the medical news stories of the day, and you know? – I think this could be what I was born for.

IT’S TIME TO SHAKE THINGS UP. If the Ed wants THE JERRY NELSON VIEW OF THE NEWS, he’s going to get THE JERRY NELSON VIEW OF THE NEWS. It’s high time someone else other than that thoroughly sensible chap Littlejohn made some sense.

The only challenge will be choosing between the numerous examples of twattery which assail us on all sides (and whether I can get a full 18 holes in before I have to start my punditry).

As well as the welcome challenge of a new career in journalism, I’ll also get a break from that bunch of irritating wasters I’ve been forced to share a theatre suite with for the past ten years – no need to watch Dan the Fat Gasman wobbling round theatre with his tits falling out of his top, smelling of sweat and defeat; no more coffee breaks spent listening to menopausal Rosa Kleb look-alike theatre sisters moaning because someone’s eaten all their Quality Street. And no more lectures on ‘professional principles’ (or my perceived lack of) from Billy-no-mates knob jockeys who think that spending all day sticking telescopes up willies has anything to do with proper surgery.

So, as a taster of things to come, let me give you my first batch of perceptive insights into the news stories of the day…


You’d probably expect me to start with this one, and you’d also expect me to concentrate on whistleblowers, and give it as my humble opinion that anyone ratting on his or her medical colleagues should be given a good kicking. But no – I can’t even think about that. I’m too pre-occupied by the ludicrous suggestion that anyone could be sacked just for saying ‘fuck’ nine times in two years. I mean…..fucking hell – I said it nine times before breakfast. And this was in the depths of Lincolnshire. You’d think they’d be too busy strumping their cousins and livestock to worry about a few swearwords.


I see that Michael Jackson’s doc has been found guilty of giving his patient a powerful anaesthetic agent while lacking the expertise to deal with the consequences. Let’s hope they don’t come after Dan the FG – he’d have to ask for 14,856 other offences to be taken into consideration. Not least the one where he connected the anaesthetic gases to the chest drain instead of the ET tube. (Then the corpulent nonentity had the nerve to complain when I slashed the piping with a scalpel – thus saving the patient’s life. Great sound when his chest decompressed though – like an elephant farting.)


As for the discovery that some patients in a vegetative state show evidence of awareness on electrical testing, I can think of a few members of staff at my erstwhile place of employment who should be given the once-over. Starting with the social workers, and anybody with ‘facilitator’ or ‘practitioner’ in their job title. Not to mention that Prius-driving knobhead of a ‘Medical Director’.


So people are being advised not to eat Lloyd Grossman’s korma sauce because it might give them botulism? Frankly, anyone eating anything marketed by that irritating git deserves all they get. Anyway, it’s only the Scots who are affected. Let the outbreak run its course. And perhaps ship a few crates to Wales.


Apparently, the government is backsliding on its obligations to improve air quality, and it’s costing lives. However, your conscientious reporter has taken the trouble to read the report carefully, and it turns out that for most of us, we’re only talking a month or two off our life expectancy. Only the most severely affected will be scythed down years before their due date, and guess who the most severely affected are? Cyclists. So that’s OK, then. Bastards.

Yes, I think perhaps I could get the hang of this.

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6 Responses to “Like a phoenix from the flames – Jerry ‘media guru’ Nelson”

  1. Left field says:

    Nice to see you back Jerry – good luck with the GMC.

    If you’re now offering views, I wonder if you could help me with this one.

    I’ve been growing a moustache for Movember i.e. for charity. I bumped into the Medical Director while buying a coffee and he said I’d better shave it off because I look like a ‘male hairdresser’.

    Should I shave it off or defy him nay taunt him with it?

  2. Jerry Nelson says:

    Look, I only signed up to do a news review, not become a sodding agony aunt.

    Still, since you ask, and as your MD used the hairdresser analogy, you should approach him from behind during the next official Trust function, place one hand on each shoulder, apply gentle but insistent rotatory pressure with your groinal area and say, loudly, “Do you want your usual back, sack & crack wax at my place?”

    Should do the trick – though don’t expect an excellence award this year.

  3. Guardianreader says:

    Jerry – welcome back! You always brighten up Fridays, and make life in this somewhere North of Watford Trust just a bit more bearable. I was worried the infection contol nurse had finally drowned you in alcohol gel.

  4. Jerry Nelson says:

    Well thank you. I suppose that now I’m a media person, I shall have to get used to talking to Guardian readers. Still, there was bound to be a downside.

  5. Malcolm Morrison says:

    Now that you have become a ‘media tycoon’ you will have to decide whose phone you will hack – and what photos you will take of whom in which ’embarrassing position’!

  6. Jerry Nelson says:

    The choice of photo is yours – check your email. My favourite is the one with the courgette.

    I accept all major credit and debit cards.

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