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Understanding the knock-on-effects in the NHS

Caroline Whymark - 21st August 2014

The fastest time for a human being to complete the Rubik's cube is 5.55s and was set by a Belgian, M ...

Survey can allay patient fears of anaesthesia

Dr Blogs - 18th August 2014

The full results of the Sate of UK Anaesthesia Survey 2014 have been published in the British Journa ...

Can the NHS tackle staff prejudice?

Partha Kar - 12th August 2014

It's an emotive topic - colour. Or, more specifically, prejudice based on the colour of your skin. ...

Reflect on today's events as well as WWI

Tom Goodfellow - 5th August 2014

On my desk before me is a photograph entitled '4th Seaforth Highlanders returning to the front'. It ...

Long-term solution needed to NHS rationing

Dr Blogs - 4th August 2014

Waiting for an operation is often a very stressful and worrying time for patients. For this, as wel ...

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