Dr Blogs

Scottish MPs need to focus on NHS sustainability

Dr Blogs - 19th September 2014

Now that we have the referendum result, with a majority voting 'no' to independence, it is time to d ...

Are Scottish voters giving informed consent?

Anton Joseph - 18th September 2014

If anyone is asked whether they would like a salary rise, free higher education, a better NHS, what ...

General medicine: either all in or all out

Partha Kar - 16th September 2014

It was always the thin end of the wedge. The 'special' specialties were given the option of opting o ...

Democracy absent in Scottish independence vote

Tom Goodfellow - 15th September 2014

For a moment there on Sunday, I felt some respite. The death of the Reverend Ian Paisley and the inc ...

Mental health: translate words into deeds

Dr Blogs - 12th September 2014

The Royal College of Psychiatrists has launched a manifesto that wants the next government to ensure ...

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