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"Make changeover period for doctors less chaotic"

Dr Blogs - 18th April 2014

The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges has proposed that F1s continue to start in August, while other ...

Air pollution is one thing, cats are quite another

Bob Bury - 14th April 2014

Blogging on medical topics in the UK can get a bit depressing. Good news is rare (and is resolutely ...

Making public reporting of outcome data work

Dr Blogs - 11th April 2014

When the National Vascular Registry's 2013 report on surgical outcomes and consultant-level statisti ...

Why on earth campaign for more scans?

Tom Goodfellow - 10th April 2014

The Sunday Times loves to run health campaigns, spearheaded by their two health correspondents. But ...

Sector response to EWTD taskforce report

Dr Blogs - 8th April 2014

A new report suggests that the European Working Time Regulations have compromised junior doctors' tr ...

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