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Hello my name is ... wasting NHS money

Caroline Whymark - 26th May 2015

Many hospitals make knee jerk responses to current issues in an attempt to be seen to be doing somet ...

Reaction to the growing deficits in the NHS

Dr Blogs - 25th May 2015

Figures published by Monitor show NHS Trusts in England have reported a total deficit of £822m in 2 ...

Why are trust boards so unbalanced?

Tom Goodfellow - 20th May 2015

"Time like an ever rolling stream bears all its sons away" (Issac Watts) I find it hard to believe ...

Seven day services needed urgent and acute care

Dr Blogs - 19th May 2015

The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges has issued a statement following David Cameron's reiteration o ...

Time for culture change in the NHS

Dr Blogs - 18th May 2015

After the excitement of the general election, the focus now shifts to the Government's plan for ...

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